Research & Engineering

The IPRI is a group of highly knowledgeable and experienced Scientific and Technical Information Research professionals. We support MIT Faculty and Research Staff and the collaborations in which they participate.  We provide crucial support for large and successful projects at MIT and continue to be a unique hands-on resource for under graduate and graduate students.

Information Technology

Networking and Wireless Technologies

  • Secure access and Duo Security
  • Residential and WIFI networks

Telephone & Mobile Technology

  • Conferencing (Audio and Web)
  • Mobile Phone Technology

Data Storage

Data Warehouse

  • Database Administration and Support

IT Policy and Legal Counsel

  • Data and Privacy
  • Intellectual Property/Technology Transfer
  • Research
  • Conflicts of Interest & Commitment
  • Identity Theft
  • ompliance & Policy

In our increasingly connected digital world, cybersecurity threats are proliferating, causing new risks in domains as diverse as armed conflict, commercial activity, the conduct of democracy, and individuals' private lives.


  • Educational Technology
  • Training
  • Web & Data Servers
  • Endpoint Management